Our Story

Calvary Baptist Church was organized as a New Testament Church on November 8, 1931 as a result of a three-week revival/evangelism service. Missionary O. L. Lierly and D. N. Kleck led in the evangelism effort and organization of the church. There were eleven people in the original organization with an additional ten people professing faith in Christ and following Him in baptism as a result of the revival. The church moved to its present location in 1979. 

Over the years Calvary has been led by a number of good pastors, several having served as denominational leaders in the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Our present pastor, Kirk Shelton, came to Calvary in 2013 having served as a church planter, pastor, evangelist, church consultant and life coach for many years. 

Calvary has a deep commitment to God’s truth and a heart for ministry. In addition to many great years of ministry effectiveness, the church has also experienced some difficult years. But it’s a new day at Calvary and the congregation is poised for a bright future in God’s kingdom work. Without a doubt, our best years are before us, not behind us!